A Girl on the Mountain in Kathmandu

The mountainous terrain of Nepal gives you tough experience where you find stoning people for frivolous infraction., you feel dehumanisation, sometimes pimps seducing you ,its s tough life, you see people everywhere crying for living, Kathmandu is an enormous and sprawling capital, it instils you into the vortex of its fast pace and chaotic atmosphere immediately upon entry. Life is not simpler here with swerving between revving cars and beeping motorbikes as you squeeze through the narrow streets roads everywhere eager street hawkers and the humming throng of people on every street, lane and corner and the dust gathers pace around you. No wonder, sometimes we feel we are in a frenetic world that is Nepal’s magnificent capital city, Kathmandu.

Of course, we lose ourselves within the streets of this incredible busting city. However, Kathmandu is as fascinating as it is chaotic. But on the other hand It is filled with temples, stupas shine and other respected buildings,. A melting pot of culture, history and religion,Pashupatinath temple, oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu, or the dominant Boudhanath, said to be one of the holiest sites in the country.

If you are one who craves complete serenity, you won’t find it here. However, beneath the layer of frenetic activity lies a simplicity of life in the in tea houses and snack shops where the shouts of street sellers and busy streets are swapped for the kind nature of the local people wanting to get to know you. Subdued backstreets and residential areas on the outskirts will throw you into the heart of local life as you wander with no direction.We were at the top of the Swayampunath temple .we heard a melancholic voice, it pierced in to our ears.

I saw some young people raised great shouts, dancing about in savage ecstasy –in fact they all seemed to be perfectly mad with excitement. I thought. She sung may be labelled simple but it is very attractive nonetheless. I have my deep spiritual devotion and my faith in the wisdom of Lord Bhudha She says. She is growing up in abject poverty. She would dream of going for higher studies but it didn’t happen. So she found solace in street singing.

“Our home on a steep hillside in village, about 50 kilometres west of Kathmandu. We are living in a mud hut with a corrugated metal roof and a barn attached on the side”. Her aged grandfather said to me Of course, she is stranded in a rough terrain in Kathmandu. As she struggles to sustain herself,she has been scorned as the girl on the mountain, there ‘s more to her than anyone expected but I don’t want to romanticize her harsh lives.


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